First Post!


I now apparently have a blog. I don’t know if this will ever see an update, or if this will ever be read by anybody, but the intention is to put some ramblings up here.

Why is there this blog? Because I might as well have something on the webby places, and it’s as good a time as any to actually do some web related stuff. Perhaps this will be a convenient place to put ramblings that I will direct at multiple people.

What’s all this About?

This blog will most likely contain anything that pertains to my interests. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Computing Science
  • Programming languages (C, Haskell, etc…)
  • Electronics (Arduinos and such)
  • Mathematics
  • Stenography / Writing / Pens

Maybe it will be interesting, maybe it won’t!

The Blog Itself

The blog itself is a static website generated with Hakyll, which is written in glorious Haskell. Hakyll is a very neat little tool, and I am quite happy with what it can do!

Currently the blog uses Bootstrap, and I have blatantly stolen the Bootstrap blog example. I am not a web designer, and I certainly don’t know how to make things pretty! I hope to actually do a better job of this in the future, but it’s functional at least!

Comments are being provided by Disqus. It’s a super easy way to get a comment section plopped into a statically generated website, so hopefully it works alright!

MathJax is also set up so I can write mathy things in LaTeX. For instance, here is a nonsense formula:

\[\frac{\int_a^b x^2 \, \mathrm{d} x}{\partial \phi \varphi \psi}\]

We should also be able to insert code:

-- Sum of all of the even numbers in a list.
sumEvens = sum . filter even

All of this is hosted on an incredibly cheap VPS, so I am not sure if I expect much, and the website is updated automatically with some git hooks. Hurray.

That’s about all I have to say for now!