Emacs package for downloading recipes and storing them in org-mode. I like it, and so do some other people. I’m happy about that :).


Project for the user friendly solving of complexity classes in Coq.


A formalization of Enigma machines in Coq. This is designed to take into account pretty much every Enigma machine that ever existed – turns out there are lots of little variations!

Types of Note

This is a project collecting some of my notes on type theory / Coq.

I have a giant resource from the slack from the DeepSpec Summer School in 2017 that’s going to be up eventually.

Haskell Ambiguity Generator

I have been working on what’s called an “ambiguity generator”. Essentially it’s a random value generator where you can not determine the underlying distribution from sampling it.

There is also a website for it. The backend is implemented in Servant.



Occasionally I will do a little bit of codewars. It has a bunch of Haskell problems / small projects that you can work on (as well as other languages).

You can use my sign up link if you’re interested:

Random Contributions

Some projects that I have contributed to in no particular order.


  • Some work on the runtime system.
  • Garbage collector code cleanup and fixes.
  • Fixes for MacOSX case sensitivity.


  • Helped port the manual to sphinx, making it much more readable.


  • Fixed issue where PG would ask to save org-mode fontification buffers.
  • Fixed an issue where the modeline would disappear.


  • Fixed single line examples in the org-mode parser.


  • Sped up some of the JuicyPixels code.
  • Vastly improved the speed of the JPEG decoder.


  • Work on memory models in VELLVM.
  • Normalizing types.


  • Work on an enumeration testing variant.


  • Improved some of the documentation